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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Last night, I was assaulted.
One held me down and the other ...well

Licked me!

Yes, you heard right, the girls are back at our house for a short week long stay.

They look so innocent, don't they?
Their owner/companion is away for a week and they get to stay with their father (not me, him-----> )!

There was a thunderstorm outside and the girls were a bit frightened and I was the one they choose to protest (or was it cower with?)
Anyway I woke up with both in my small bed and well you know the rest of the story.

The Labs are very social creatures and their breeding makes them totally attached to humans.
They love seemingly unconditionally and their desire is to just be with you, touch you and yes in this case, lick me. I had to shower cause I was woken by the one giving me the full face treatment.
They have no ulterior motives, they want love, they will bark to pretend to protect from outsiders (notice pretend, cause these 2 would not hurt a flea) and they want to snuggle. They are confident in love and they want very little else (except a walk and food and to g out, but you get the drift).
To the point, a short time ago some one tried to barge their way into my life. They said many things which were both very aggressive (relationship wise) and made me feel very uneasy.
They wanted some thing, but there was manipulation in all their words.
I knew they had an illness and maybe I could deal, but I could not. Tell me straight forward and if I reject the idea, deal with it, but they beat around the bush trying all kinds of tricks to gain sympathy. I did not fall for it.
I have some mighty strong friends, at work and at home, they do not try to manipulate me, they have been supportive, even when I am having a very hard time.
And then there are the two girls who are staying us us, they remind me what love really is, don't they?
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