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Monday, July 27, 2009


I am some what strange.
I make these giant intuitive leaps and then realize how much work is involved in proving them.
I had one of those today and I posted the thought on Joey K on the environment.
I am getting used to the fact that no one realizes how tired I am by 1 PM, they bring me samples anyway.
I may have to work Sunday for a few hours.
Have a friend, who goes through many struggles in her life, more than I can imagine.
I know what I want from the relationship - a companion.
I ask, is that what she wants?
No answer back yet, but she wants me as a least a friend.
Last week Monday, I sat on my glasses and twisted them up really badly. I tried to straighten them out and even had a friend try to help (he is an engineer and knows a lot), but I was worn down even earlier because you want to talk about distortion!
Wednesday, my friend took me to a local optometrist, who straighten the glasses for free (they are his glasses, the prisms are not his).
I could see again.
I was very worn out and Thursday and Friday were not that good and Saturday was even worse.
Sunday I washed the prisms with soap and things were even clearer and my energy came back.
Saturday I also had a confrontation with someone who was trying to get way too close, way too fast. They left unhappy, but they left.
I know how much of a struggle I am dealing with because sometimes my mind just plain stops.
That is okay, they have to deal with ti.
I have been dropping back everywhere and it is helping.
I do not need to kill myself, but then I am this curious creature who just can not stop asking, what if?
I also have this need to paint soon, but not quite yet.
I know my subject, but my timing has to be correct.
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