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Monday, August 24, 2009

I took a holiday

Rather my brain decided it would be MIA and relax all day Sunday. That happened despite the fact that I went in for some work at the Lab (overtime), but the rest of the day I walked, I rested, I walked, walked to the Dairy Queen and had Ice Cream.
It was wonderful!
I had to bring it back so I could cook dinner and because I was still dealing with the need for something with a Mexican taste (not true Mexican, cause I am from Texas, maybe border Mexican), that is where I went.
First a salsa - finely chopped ripe tomatoes, onions, cilantro and some of my peppers (I grow my own, I have a jalapeno plant that I have over wintered 3 years and the peppers it produces takes away any pain I might have). blend it with some salt and lime to taste.
Then I went after a cilantro sauce - cilantro, my jalapenos, onions, chili powder and some sweet pepper slices. Blend them with a bit of Olive oil (you can use what ever oil floats your boat). Add salt to taste (I was using sea salt today, so I use less than normal salt).
Then the rice - yellow rice with - you guessed it, cilantro, and chicken stock .
The main course - Some Cod (not Mexican, but it is what I had) cooked in some oil with butter and chili powder and a bit of lime on top of the stove.
Plating - important!
one corn tortilla (warmed and I should have used 2) - cilantro sauce on top, place cod on top of that. Salsa on one side, rice on the other.
I have no picture, we ate it too fast!
I think my mind came back, but it wants to go one another vacation - next Sunday!

I forgot! I got a cupcake award from "This Side of Town". Just what I needed! A cupcake to finish the day!
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