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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to basics

Woke this morning with words in my heart,
a song on my lips.
I was unsure if the day would erase them,
some maybe, but not all.
The love that carried me through the operation and
the long recovery, still going on,
That is the basic.
Not a warm fuzzy feeling, but the bold statement,
"You will get better, you have to!"
The tone still reverberates through my mind,
echoing in my soul.
The basic thing that all of us thrive on...



They honored my very dear friend Margarita today as being the employee of the month for October.
That was a celebration for one of the seven close friends who have stood with me for the past many years and this past long one.
It was wonderful and my eyes were misty, tho I think of all the people crowded around, only she really understood.


Last night, I made something, I would call masterful.
It was served with chicken breast.
It was a hot salsa, but one only the truly brave could enjoy.
I had company over and they did enjoy.

The Salsa:
5 Jalapeno peppers - from my 3 year old pepper plant that i have "overwintered" 2 winters now.
6 mild green and red peppers (I would have used red bell for sweetness, but did not have any).
Sea Salt - maybe a 1/4 teaspoon.
1 cup lime juice.
1 cup tequila.
grind in a blender so that the chucks are small, but not gone.
Serve (it comes out as a frozen slurry).
Watch out!

The chicken was more interesting, since i was on a tequila kick. I marinaded it in tequila and Dos equis beer, cumin (I did not have cilantro), salt and chili powder fro 6 hours.
Did a quick fry with onions and corn oil,
Added the marinade and reduced it.
I thought the chicken was over cooked, but it was still moist!
Sliced the chicken before serving and added the sauce.
Very good!
The salsa was a "side", so those who did not want hot, did not have to have it.
Served with Saffron rice made with chicken broth.
None left today.


The other night I watch the movie on Georgia O'Keeffe, I was intrigued.
The most interesting thing was that she painted until her death at 98 (in1986) and that set me off to look and see the works she had done when she was basically blind.
It inspired me.
I have always liked her work, but did not know much of her life.
She grew up in Texas (like me, no I am not making similarities with her art, she was amazing).
She can to the New York Area and she loved Taos New Mexico.
having visited Taos, i can understand. the place is beautiful.
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