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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the midst of trouble there is always cooking

Something that keeps my mind together when there is unsettleness is cooking. If I am really gone, I do not cook.
I was fairly bad for awhile, but then started with a series of "experiments".
It became cooler and my mind goes to Greek Chicken.
Greek chicken is done many ways, I was taught to slow cook a chicken in red wine, onions, carrots, garlic (lots of garlic), fennel seed, oregano and salt. After 3 or 4 hours, it falls off the bone.
I decided to go the next step and remove the chicken and let it cool (add broth so it doesn't dry out. I cooked Orzo (rosmarina to my mom) in the broth and then removed the bones. Then just before serving, i threw it in the oven to broil and crisp up. A good time was had by all.
Not to me out done by cherie and her friends, I made my own chili beans (they called it Picadillo).
I soaked red dried beans over night, drained the water then added chopped onion, celery, peppers (hot and sweet). Spices were chili powder, salt and cumin. Diced tomatoes and a beer added juice to slow cook (this is what cool weather does to me, the crock pot). Since I was using a zucchini stuffed with ground turkey, the inside of the zucchini went into the pot as well.
My final straw was fried sausage. Still on a kick. I took fennel seeds ( I have many in the garden just bursting with flavor) and fried them with butter and sliced mushrooms. Added peppers and onions, red wine and leek leaf. Fried the sausage till browned and then added them to the mixture. i did have fun.
I am not fast enough with a camera to deal with pictures of my food before eating, oh well.
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