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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebration of life

Today was a really difficult day, meetings were had, my boss got exasperated with me, and my eyes were hurting.
Sounds like a strange way to start with such a title, but it is all in the perception.
One of my closest friends, who has been working as the administrative assistant to the appointed official who has supported and actual done a great deal to help the people out that we are dealing with (is there a coincidence there?), will be honored next month as employee of the month.
My boss my slowly be understanding just how difficult it is for me to do my job.
My other good friend at work, who is the Reiki master, came by looking to see how I was doing and spent a few minutes with me and lifted my spirits. This was all good.
I was thinking that of all the things I do in my life, I am glad for one more opportunity to do some good. That is also a celebration.
I have been thinking of what a "psychic" (the one who told me about the tumor without me saying anything) told me, that there was one more thing i had to accomplish at the Health Department before leaving. I wonder....
Today is also my "Friday" since I am taking off tomorrow. It does not matter what the weather is (they call for rain), it will be good.
Whatever comes, i can say that no matter how difficult things get, I have another day in the celebration of my life, be tired, discouraged, exasperated, angry or happy. I had another day.
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