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Monday, September 21, 2009

Mercy Street

That song by Peter Gabriel has been running through my head, it kninda fits, getting off working 4 hours for each day, Saturday and Sunday. Today was actually more difficult because there are constant phone ca;;s, people wanting information. I was rereading the initial analysis from the EPA group that did a very limited study of the problem and they blame the dump, at least partially. I wonder if they had been thorough if they would have reached the same conclusion.
More review of my data and ensuring what I have put in is correct. I start to get a bit impatient with the people collecting the samples because they do it only on weekends and continue their normal work (which i do the analytical support for) during the week. People call wondering why the info lines on the beaches (the season closed Labor day) has not been updated. People asking why the shellfish beds have not had the water tested (maybe cause it does not matter since the FDA said meat samples have to be taken before the beds can be opened). Life goes on and it is enough for me to keep busy anyway and then i am still dealing with the Scofield thing. I have ticks to start up in a few weeks (the final hurrah before winter) and then there are swimming pools (yes, from of all places the new Trump parc building with one tenant who wants the pool opened),
My boss looked at me today and asked if the weekend work was too much for me, i do not think he quite understands yet.
I see my GP on Thursday and start the discussion about disability, that should be interesting.
The song still goes through my head and for what ever reason, i am at peace.
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