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Saturday, September 26, 2009

It has been a year

Everyday is a struggle.
Everyday is a fight.
Everyday is hard.
I struggle with vision,
that even with prisms,
splits and wobbles.
I struggle to stand and walk. everyday.
To make my body do what my mind wants.
even tho the path is distorted and muddles.
Everyday, not some day, not most days,


I am not sure, but I think I can almost related to those of you with MS, whose body will not obey the mind. Who watch their muscle deteriorate through a cause they can not control.

Me? I simply have too much information coming in, my mind is not still able to deal with it and it gets confused. while typing letters are switched, keys are missed, doubles of the same letter are moved to the next.
Writing becomes more interesting with 9s becoming 4s and vice a versa. 5s becoming 8 and the reverse.

It has been a year since I came out of the Hospital and I wonder how long I can keep this up.

Sometimes I lose it, get angry, upset and want to give up, but yes I am a fighter, I do not.
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