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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recovery ... Delayed

The short answer is because i am back to work.
The long answer is that because i am the one with the chemical/environmental background and there is no one else, the public and the city officials are heavily dependent on me.
This is not a good thing.
And Grant knows it well, but they are calling me in for weekends.
The short answer is the Scofieldtown dump.
The long answer is that the environmental health director refuses to do sampling during the work days and so it must be done on weekends.
My part? I have to ensure that samples are collected and kept properly before they are sent to the state lab.
And there are certain tests that are done before hand to ensure that.
I also set up the first level of sampling, but further sampling is being directed by the office of operations now.
Then there is the paperwork that must be filled out for each sample and the I record everything in the labs database.
That is all on the days the sampling occurs. A few other things I can do a few days after, mostly for my understanding of the soil and how things track, but they are not critical either.
The tests are titrations and tax my eyes significantly, so the few hours I spent were me out significantly.
Why do I do this? Because there really is a health issue and there is no one else to do it.
I consider it extremely important for the residents in that area to have this info and so I will delay things for a bit.
Anyone from Stamford want to know what a crazy chemist recovering from this brain tumor operation with "Diplopia" has to sacrifice in order to ensure your well being? It is all here.
This is a new twist to my adventure and today, I took off so I can have a day to relax my eyes.
I will continue to do this until the sampling is over.
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