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Friday, September 11, 2009


Don't expect much for a few weeks, if today is any indication, things are just going to get worse for a few weeks.
The problem is there are a few of places not tested yet that I expect to come back positive, there are many more that i expect to be negative. but I am not please with how the sampling is done. I think it drags the problem out.
it causes me stress.
I have to go to a night meeting on Tuesday. My boss told me to take the day off.
My coworker is also off.
The public has been basically very good to me and so the meeting should not go bad.
I will take off Wednesday also. I can not afford not to.
People who work around me still can not understand that i am not full time yet, that is their problem now.
If I am busy with work and they come in, I tell them come back later. Some get offended with that, to bad. They have to learn to deal.
I think I sound cynical, but I am in survival mode and just need to get through the next few weeks.
I will be posting sparingly in the next weeks and reading everyone else even more sparingly, sorry. Your columns give me a great lift, but i got to do what I can.
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