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Monday, October 12, 2009

A day to recover, a day to prepare.

Today is my second day off in this long weekend, I worked yesterday.
I started quietly, stilling my heart from the mad rush it has been in.
Dwelling on things that are beautiful, finding that quiet place in my soul.
The storms will come tomorrow,
but today I am looking at being, not doing.
This is nice, this is health and healing.
There will be things to do, but today, I shall not be overcome by them.
I want so badly to paint a fall scene that flits in and out of my mind,
but I can not yet capture it, it is still too fleeting.
There will be good to do today and maybe good to be done for me today as well.
It is crisp outside, but warm inside and that does not hurt.
Today, I shall not be hasty.
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