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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For the love of God, what else?

I have had several titles or this post over the day, most have expressed the same sentiment, bewilderment.
Apparently no one (save for a very few people) in my work place can understand what I am going through.
My boss wants to blame it on the over time, my coworker on my age (54) and other appear to remain clueless.
The bottom line is the answer to everything is. "we just won't do things".
The problems in the Scofield area expanded today, and I am sure they are not dump related, but more homes show chlordane. Of course an awful lot of these homes have there wells very close to the homes where insecticide was sprayed (is 7 feet close enough?) and the distance from the actual dump is very significant (getting close to a mile). Most of the homes were built long before these chemicals were banned and again, an old farm looms in the picture.
It is sad, but it is also creating a lot of work. How can they think to do less, it makes no sense to me. The city should step up and find ways to hook these people up to water, but this will be more difficult.
Anyway those are my worries...
and these were my thoughts this morning before we received the information.

The wind was quiet, the sea was still
just hours before the fury struck.
The waves crashed and the winds howled.
The lighthouse stood still and did not shake,
for all the might of the ocean and the storm did not move it.
And its light shone out.
The wind will quiet again.
The waves will cease their angry roar and
the lighthouse will still be standing.

You wonder why I like lighthouses?
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