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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Frost of the season!

I am not a fan of cold and having grown up in Houston, Texas, where the cold of winter is limited to about 2 weeks, I am still not used to it.
However, the first frost means a great deal.
I get to begin to clear the garden of all squash, cucumber and tomato plants.
I have many green tomatoes for relish or fried green tomatoes!
The pepper plants are okay till a good freeze and so I continue to get peppers (mostly hot ones).
The trees where I am are beginning to changer, slowly, but now it will be quicker.
Yesterday was a downer, it meant more work to do.
The lighthouse meant that my resolve is unwavering and without question, despite the obstacles.
Fore Jeannette especially, but all others who wonder - I do not pray casually, nor sometimes, not weekly at a church, nor even daily.
In my life and what it has become, I am in constant prayer, there is no wavering.
I am also with out wavering and fro no apparent reason, always thankful despite all things,
Despite all of this there are times I become overwhelmed, unhappy with the efforts I must go through or even the direction i am on, this is life.
People are not callous, but sometimes they seem without comprehension or reason or especially empathy at my job. That is not my path, but I have some helpers, even at work and my job is to be understanding, reasonable and empathy.
My boss asks me constantly, not to be so certain in my answers, but I am, yet I know i understand the fear that people have and work with it on the phone and when citizens come in.
It is far more than the curt answers of doing limited testing because.
I have never worked that way and I see patterns in the subtlety of the "extra" work that I do that they see only after I show them.
The last post, "for the Love of God" of course comes directly from Edgar Allan Poe.
It is sometimes how I feel, being walled in alive unable to do much because of my incapacitates, but a feeling is not always the truth now is it?.
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