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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A good day with lots to do.

I know my posts as of late have combined my struggles to recover with my work, but that is because work is taking so much of my time and has affected the recovery process.
However, work's intrusion into my mental process is unacceptable and I promise to eliminate that. I will solve what I can at work and leave it behind when I leave.
The rain out side is cold and chilling to the bone, but for some reason, I do not find it unpleasant.
I am watching the last roses of the year come as if to say, "You can not stop beauty.The slowly changing leaves provide color for my spirit and so I laugh even more.
At work someone called and asked what was going on besides the well issues at Scofield and I started laughing. He said it was good to hear someone laugh.
Today, I cannot barbecue because of the weather, but will do a honey glazed chicken instead in the oven, with the last few minutes on "Broil" to give it some crisp.
I am going to have to intervene with my Mom, her attitude is bad at times and of course that makes her talk of death.
The thing I know is that attitude can kill you and if you wish your self to death, it will happen. She has decide she is too old and frail to deal with things and wants to go into a home.
Some of that is her younger sister talking.
You see when she has good days, she is out shopping (and drives to the places) and eating out and enjoying life. The difference is that when she has bad days, she remembers nothing good, even if it was just the day before.
The doctors are not concerned with her health, they say she is health and strong, just having various pains for very common reasons, arthritis, scoliosis, a hiatal hernia, all of which combine to make one very unconfortable, but are not deadly. It is the mind that is deadly.
So one more thing on my plate, now if I could get released to do significant travel (still doctors restrictions for good reason) I might help her out, but for now it is a phone mission.
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