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Friday, October 16, 2009


After a bad Monday (it was a day off, but my mind and eyesight were not being good to me), the rest of the week has been good.
I helped out my own personal charge (a person in a difficult place that has been brought into my life for whatever), found in roads into helping people understand the insanity that is the water testing we are doing and generally laughed a lot.
Laughter always helps and although I had to rest for a significant time after work (1 hour or more), I was seeing and walking better by Friday than I have in a while.
i only have to work on Saturday and will take off Wednesday next week.
So I would say it is a good week.
The weather is down right ugly, but besides it being cold, it is not effecting me or my spirits.
Good days/bad days, can I laugh through them?
That would be a really good thing.
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