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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mutifaceted post

So many things going on and it is my day off!
So we will do each item as if it were a single entry


In the kitchen, sadly!
I was making my version of potato leek soup.
Everything was looking good.
All the ingredients except sour cream and salt were added.
I start to add a bit of sea salt....
and the top comes off pouring the entire contents of the container into what was, wonderful soup.
The bad thing about sea salt is that it does not dissolve immediately, so each attempt at correction only released more salt into the soup.
What a waste.
No more leeks in the house so I will need to wait till another day.

Fall cometh, slowly...

This is one of my favorite Autumn trees. Its common name is Autumn Scarlet and I have been taking pictures daily as it slowly changes. It is a tree that does not grow much over 30 feet and takes a long time to get there. It has very small, pale yellow flowers in the spring and turns brilliant red before losing its leaves in the fall. It has not yet turn...
This is a few of the pictures:

Other trees have been much quicker.

Okay, we have had winter, lets go back to Spring!

The weather has been wet, cold and windy, reminding very much of winter in Houston.
It has lasted about what I would experience there, so it is time to end the Winter season and have Spring!
No, you say?
We haven't had Christmas yet?
And Thanksgiving?
Not even Halloween?????
Oh, I think I am going to be depressed!
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