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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A puzzle

Well the regular work week is over, tomorrow, not today, I get to go in for more samples (that will be Sunday for anyone reading this).
There are times I am still hot headed with people (workers) who seem to show no interest, but that6 is not really my problem is it.
In the mean time my head is filled with many other things and for all who wonder, I have been preparing things.
Any and all of you would be more than welcome, if you were in Stamford on the 8th of November, which is also a Sunday.
I prepared several items and will give you the ingredients, in no particular order. If you see something twice, it is because it is used in several items..
Ground Buffalo meat,
ground chicken,
ground beef (90-10),
ground lamb,
Chicken breasts, sliced thin,
tomato sauce,
shredded Monterrey jack cheese (both with and without peppers),
diced tomatoes,
coarsely chopped cilantro,
finely ground (food processed cilantro),
coarsely chopped white onion,
olive oil,
jalapeno peppers, diced,
jalapeno peppers,(food processed),
Poblano peppers, whole,
red sweet peppers, diced,
chili powder,
Small whole wheat tortillas,
lemon juice,
sea salt (added very carefully!),
dried bread crumbs.
I think you get the gist of it, so tell me some of the things I am making!
So besides all of you, I am inviting three of my neighbors and their families, 5 people from work (one will not make it, sadly), One long time friend and her family and any of "my community" that are in town.
I am being vague, but you can guess, I have posted on all!

I am also having a great deal of fun with this, so keep those cards and letters coming!
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