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Sunday, October 25, 2009

We interupt the suspense...

I will give all of the rest of you a chance to guess, so far Barry has got it right, a lot of food. All the other guesses are close, but no cigar. I will publish the recipes in a day or two.
There is a possibility of 21 people coming at various times through the afternoon of the 8th.
Now for the interruption, as many can guess, I do love to celebrate and any excuse is good.
I have fun on Halloween, but for many years the holiday of a celebration of all soul has been taken to a dark place. I personally blame the Puritans, with all their emphasis on evil and witches and the fundamentalist, who basically went the same way. So the celebration in the beautiful season of Autumn of everyone who has lived has been turned into something dark and sinister, spooky and scary, full of evil and horror.
That is not the way I celebrate.
I have pumpkins (the harvest)

and scarecrows (again the autumn harvest)

and candles (for all the souls).
The worst spooky thing I have is spiders, and the ones I see, come out about this time anyway,
so they are an Autumn thing.

And the web I weave!

The colors are Orange, which is Autumn and black (so it gets dark earlier also)!

There will be smiles and laughter and all the kids in the neighborhood know I will have candy (think cavities and hyperactivity parents)!
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