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Friday, November 27, 2009

And my Experiment?

I mean my Thanksgiving meal - Very delicious, but I could have used more than the single pound of pumpkin butter.
For the first time, the turkey breast was not dry at all and all the flavors came through.
I did something I had heard about and since I had parsley from my garden this winter (first winter in CT -ever having my own parsley), I chopped it p and put it between the skin and the bird with the pumpkin butter and some salt and maple syrup. It all worked.
The stuffing was left out of the bird, with only a few thing put in there for flavor - apples onions, pumpkin butter and fennel.
The fennel worked well with everything (because it is very mild compared to celery)and there was not a strong liquorish flavor.
Corn pudding came out well also,
Carrots, like wise.
There was one sad thing, I had gotten over the flu (yes the H1N1, remember?), but a secondary infection started and so I am on antibiotics mow. The flu was the least of my worries, I have know that I am not so recovered that my system is at its peak and this was just opportunistic.
We caught it early since both my doctor and I had been on the look out for it.
I will be fine, but more days of rest and that is not all bad.
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