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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A day for memories

In Connecticut, it does not get this beautiful at the end of November.
The Sun was bright and strong.
A cool (not cold) wind whipped by and
for a moment I was transported to another time and place.
Houston taking a "Hunting walk" with my Dad near the Addick's reservoir.
I never was able to shoot the birds that we hunted, but the time with my Dad was well remembered and very pleasant.
I have been wondering about my posts from last year and there are not a lot of them, many do not make sense except that I was in recovery, hoping to get my eyesight back.
I seem to remember the time as a dark funnel, where I could only see a bit and everything was a struggle.
I still struggle, this latest bout with the flu showed me my energy is not yet where it might be (will it ever?) and that I did push too hard.
I am backing off now and there again is improvement in the vision in the morning.
I definitely have more stamina and that makes me feel good.
I do not think anyone could have told me this would go on so long.
I reexamined the MRI of the Tumor, it was not small 3.9 (maybe 4.2) cm x 7.7 cm.
It still is scary looking to me.
The last push at work has made me worry that I might have to write another paper, not to put a feather in my cap, but to warn people about what we found in the old farm land in North Stamford. That is also scary, but maybe needed.
I am going outside now and enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day.
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