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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What the docotor said

Yesterday was my trip to New York for an examine to see what effect her letter had and what was happening with my eyes.
She was a bit bemused by some of the resistance i have been getting about the disability retirement.
She was happy that they stopped the extra work and weekend work.
She was pleased to see that the effect was that my eyes are measurably better, in several ways.
1) the "offset" for the doubleness has decreased, meaning it takes less prism to bring my eyes back into focus. This was even with the fact i went to work in the morning, then to the appointment after a rest.
2) The actual strength of the reading glasses should be reduced.
That was actually amazing, the visual ability of my eyes improved.
She wants me to have more rest and limited exercise.
She said any doctor who say what was going on with me would be amazed at what I am doing.
All good news!
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