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Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to recovery!

For long months I have delayed this because I felt the lives of 200 or more people to be worth more than a few months of my progress.
The price was high because not only did my eyes not improve over the extra hours and work, they became worse. More stagnant, the vision more doubled.
Last week put an end to it all and this last weekend I for the first time had a full weekend off.
The samples came in, but I needed to nothing because as far as I could see, my portion of the work was done.
The worst of the effected houses had city water to the foundation (for city work, this is amazing) and now the rest of the environmental community (scientist) have begun saying what I have all along, that the stuff was not from the dump. Oh the dump still needs to be cleaned up and that is a work in progress, so my task has been completed and even more so, I have raised awareness of something that has effected many millions of home owners on wells in past agricultural areas.
Did i say millions? Yes, the environmental agencies have had there beliefs rocked by this little side track and realize that we have done terrible things to ourselves.
Knowledge is essential for change.
It was not only the move from the extra days, it was restricting my hours.
I am no longer trying to "push" it.
I work till I feel it is time to finish and I leave.
Then my friend, the Reiki Master gave me a session on my birthday that was very helpful.
Then my friends gave me money to go to a Massage therapist who worked on the tension i had stored.
Everything became looser.

One weekend off and I wake up in the morning and my test "screen" is slowly coming together without the glasses.
Progress is slow, but it is progress with the images not far apart like they were before, during those months of much work.
Last night, I went out to eat and for the first time in a year and a half, with the glasses, things were single at a distance. I used to get 30 feet at best.
Was the wait worth it?
Is the recovery make me feeling better?
Ah back to the adventure!
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