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Saturday, November 14, 2009


I awoke early, as usual and
felt unseen arms hold on to me,
caressing my head and face.
I am very lucky to have persons who care so deeply for me, I thought,
for it was not one, but several.
Each with their hearts caring for me.

I have sent pieces of my heart out
to most of those I meet.
Some hide the piece
and pretend they never had it.
Other grasp for more,
to take it all is what they want.
Others still crunch it between their heel,
for any thought is unwelcome.

Then there are those who treasure it,
and i return send a piece of their heart back.
Those are the ones I woke up to this morning.
It was beautiful.

Maybe one day I will wake up and
they will not be invisible.

The wind blew today,
but the leaves of many colors stayed strong.
many were gone,
but many more hung on.
In their brilliant show,
yellows, ocher, orange and red.
They are beautiful.

Soon these will pass,
but for now they are beautiful.
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