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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cough, Cough, Hack, Hack - you guessed it!

My normal course of hacking and coughing while eating or drinking has been replaced by a much more constant coughing.
I was kind of waiting for this, I have been exposed to many people in the past 2 weeks with the same thing and while other health professional officially can not say much, this is the H1N1 influenza Novel.
Because of Stamford's policy of concentrating on young children or people with young children (and I will say I think they are the most vulnerable and should be first), I have not been able to get my shot (though we have many, many doses).
I was fairly sure I would get it, but i am actually not very concerned. For me and my age group, it will probably last only a few days, not weeks and I am still fairly functional.
The really difficult part is that the mucous being created by immune system, hits the tickle spot in my throat and thus the coughing.
I have a fever (slight) and so I consider my self contagious and am using Purell, hot water and bleach in large quantities and will not cook tonight, at all (heck the way I feel, I might not even eat).
Now the awful question is, and this shows my terrible deviousness at times), will I go into work and infect my co-workers who have sworn that they will never get a vaccine, just because?
I do not know yet, it depends how I feel and if that devilish side of me is active tomorrow.
This will only last a couple of days (and this is day 2 of being contagious) and I do not worry.
There is an advantage of this coughing because of a tickle spot, none of the mucous has a chance to get to my lungs and so I do not think I will have to worry about secondary infections.
I will call my doctor in the morning and see if he has any other concerns for me.
Also further preparation for Thanksgiving is postponed until I am not infectious.
As always, it is the children I worry about with this disease.
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