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Friday, November 20, 2009

More thoughts on the Turkey cooking

Well a beautiful Day in CT and the week that was is over. I think i caused trouble today and it was busy most of the week, but it is over and now i have a weekend.
I have decide where I am going with my Thanksgiving tastes and it looks like we have a number of people over, so I can not cook too much, cause others will bring things as well.
I am going to center things around my own creation, pumpkin butter.
During grilling season, I used a "mint" butter for corn, which was a wonderful twist and so Pumpkin butter is a good variation.
The stuffing, partially cooked and hot before it goes into the bird (that is a health secret!) will be composed of celery, onion, salt and a sage seasoning (bell's) as the "savory" components. It will have cranberries, apples, orange zest and walnuts as a fruit and nut portion. Egg, toasted bread (croutons of an unknown type cause I still am thinking about it) and pumpkin butter will hold it together. Savory, sweet, fruity and nutty and those flavors do blend together.
The pumpkin butter?
Butter and pumpkin melted and blended together with at least nutmeg and a touch of brown sugar, then strained. I could add allspice, ginger and cinnamon (making it pumpkin pie spice) but I may hold off on those others because I do not know if I want all that flavor.
The turkey will have a sage and butter rub between the skin and the meat and the pumpkin butter on top (or visa versa, depending if I want the meat savory or sweet).
My mind and taste buds are getting excited.
I cook cranberry sauce tonight and prepare the pumpkin butter!
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