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Thursday, November 12, 2009


There has been so much maneuvering, conflict and just plain things happening at work that it has invaded my dreams.
I am the only vocal person as far as the true cause of the problem (it really is not the dump, I promise) in the wells we have been testing, but at the same time I support the city doing as much as possible for the homeowners who find themselves in this difficult situation.
As sporadic tests from homes far away from the dump, with many homes without pesticides between are found, the powers that be are looking for a way out.
I am not sure I want to give them that way out because I was the only voice who said it was provable, but others challenged my credentials and my statements and now are needing to reexamine what i said.
Many have said quietly that it is not the dump and (fortunately, these are people not in power) gone on to say it is the homeowners problem. Those are the attitudes i can not stand.

The other is examining the various moves my own boss has made to my actions, as far as my Doctor's recommendations and the possibility that I would leave.
They are both compassionate and making a statement at the same time.
The loss of overtime does not bather me because the overtime I have worked for has gotten me in a decent position financially.
The loss of the work has me overjoyed and I am looking forward to having weekends again.
I do work about how the sampling will go, the collectors are not always with it and make some critical mistakes, but my coworker is unwilling to come in in my stead, so it is what it is.
All of this has created a bit of anxiety and thus the dreams, all dealing with the situations in various ways and scenarios.
I have to say I hope things begin to resolve and a Monday meeting coming up may help immensely.
I the meantime, for what ever reason, i am laughing and that above all else is a good thing.
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