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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A game of Chess

When I was younger, i loved to play chess and it helped that i was good at it.
I had a neighbor who was book learned in chess and played in tournaments,
I played for fun and did not study anything except the allowed moves.
I would regularly beat him.
I thought it was some kind of fluke, he was really into it and just enjoyed the game, so I would play others and would win way more than I lost.
I played a nationally ranked player when I was on vacation and we basically tied (1-1-1).
This is not about my ability to play chess, but I find myself in another chess game with work.
Some times it is a cat and mouse game, some times it is a game of strategy.
The other side has all the power pieces, but I seem to be making them squirm.
Today i delivered the letter from my doctor to my boss and found him squirming.
The bottom line is that they will try to do without the verification tests at this time and i do not need to come in on the week ends.
If any one challenges the tests to see if they were collected correctly or were kept at the proper temperature, there is no validation as of today and that is fine with me.
The reality was stated, "We need you here during the week and can not afford you to have a day off in the middle of the week, We will try this and see if they (the collectors of the samples) get it right."
I am leaving by 1 or 1:15 at the latest.
I feel better and I am laughing at the whole system.
Being civil service, there are limitations to what can happen.
There is a new administration coming in which is inheriting the actions taken to correct the problems found and is also frightened of the enormity of it, so much so that the political appointed position of "head of operations" (read public works here) will in all likelihood, remain on until the situation is resolved.
That gives more more bargaining power.
What is it i would really like?
The remain on in a part time capacity directing the work that the lab needs to do in the environmental area.
The easiest way for this to be accomplished?
To be allowed to retire in a disabled capacity (meaning I keep medical benefits) and be rehired in a supervisory capacity at 19 hours a week.
It has been done before and I am looking for the chance for it to happen again.
Meanwhile, the games go on and I, I am laughing!
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