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Friday, November 6, 2009

Strange stuff

This morning, I was feeling okay and thought that would be a simple post. Maybe about the party on Sunday, maybe about the cold weather we are having and the beginning of the end of this beautiful season we call fall.
But no, having given a month and a half request that samples be brought in on Saturday and not Sunday, I am dismayed to be told they were coming in on Sunday.
I fought back and no one could say much about it. Either they would be rescheduled for Saturday or they would not be done at all.
Will it work, tomorrow may tell, but I am unsure.
If the samples are collected on Sunday, I will go in late, ti invalidate them and dump them and that was my threat and promise.
It is something I can do because each time I go in, I do a variety of tests that validates, temperature, possible treatment, time and storage. they are invalid without that.
I left at 1:15 PM with no assurance about anything, but it really did not mater to me.
Some where, some time, some way they are going to learn.
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