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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hell hath no fury like a chemist scorned?

The day started rough.
It was the eyes, of course, not focusing well through the glasses.
This has been occurring off and on for a week and then came today.
A lot of early interruptions made the little bit of work to finish difficult.
Then came the interesting part.
One of the people in another Department comes rushing in saying that they need to change a message on the machine and can not figure out how to do it from their phone.
No biggy, but I am with someone, they still can not figure it out and say they will come back.
Okay, this person gets paid more than me, is not dealing with eye problems, but I am just kind of perplexed.
They come back, I am in the middle of an analysis, they try again and I am telling them the instructions. They can not get it right, they blow up and say something to the effect of , "Why can't some one help me!" They storm out.
At this point, I am bemused.
My boss steps in, defending this person. i do not like that, he doesn't defend me.
He comes back a few minutes latter and asks if I will change the message. It is a simple thing, so just give me the message to put on the hotline.
More time passes and it finally comes, it takes me 2 seconds and it is done.
The person comes in a bit later and apologizes. I tell them to just ask.
1:30 PM, my eyes have had enough, I tell my boss I am going home. A person appears with a sample.
My boss calls me to help the person and then disappears.
I have to set up several tests and run them before I can leave. I am literally feeling my way through the tests, I have done these tests a million times and so it is second nature. I finish and am leaving and my boss reappears. I do not say anything. I am furious. I will be off tomorrow and that is a good thing.
I can guarantee, they have no clue....
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