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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween is over, all Saints day is here

We had a good turn out last night, close to forty, which is good for our neighborhood.
All the children I know plus a few I did not.
I have almost no candy left over and that is also good.
Of course, I worked yesterday and do not today. That makes it a true holiday.
I get to rest and review the letter I just received from my doctor outlining the issues I am dealing with.
It is long, technical and pulls no punches.
Last night I had 2 monsters stay over, well not really monsters till this morning, before that they were my girlfriends.
They left me alone till this morning, when they decided it was time to play!
So much for sleeping in.
I am calmer than I have been, the wind has died down and so has my spirit.
I am acutely aware of how much emotion exists in my life now. It does not rule, but it is in every movement and thought.
See what removing a tumor can do?
I am going to sit out on the porch and enjoy quietness while i can.
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