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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thinking Thanksgiving

As some one who really enjoys cooking, I have started to think how i want to do the feast this year.
I do not think I will have anyone over except the 3 guys I live with, but that is okay, I will take whatever I can. if others show up, there will be food.
One of the things I really enjoy is the blending of flavors, fruit, nut and meat and I have not decided how I will proceed.
There will be turkey,stuffing and always cranberries (that I make), but I do not know how I will put it together.
Cranberries I like to make with orange flavors with it. Will I add walnuts? Maybe, I have not decided.
The Turkey, will I go traditional, Bell;s seasoning, or try something else?
The stuffing is always a truly fun thing - always celery and some form of bread, but then do I go with sausage and walnuts and raisins with a sage type spice? Or something else, I am undecided.
I have already decided to do one thing I have not done before - corn pudding.
Will I do a yam dish? Unknown.
Salad? Probably.
I have some young fresh fennel in the garden, which I will use, along with flat leaf parsley they will be used.

I know I will send some things over to a friend, who remains at best "gun shy" (having been mistreated and taken advantage of), she will not come over and that is okay.

Will anyone else come over? Anyone in the area? You will be welcomed.

Dessert will be bought, I am not a baker and we have a fabulous bakery down the street.

Last year Thanksgiving, I do not remember except that I could not cook and was some how instructing John on what to do. It was very Traditional in flavor and composition and I was not able to eat much of it.
This year is different.
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