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Friday, December 25, 2009


I actually got to church today - the first time in a bit, more on that later.
We are having Christmas dinner tomorrow because that is when we will have 2 guests coning from Vermont.
Last night mimicked the 7 fishes feast with 7 fishes.
For those of you who have seen this blog before know I did some cooking and it was great -
Cod(1), done simply butter and salt in the broiler.
Ceviche, with squid(2), mussels(3), shrimp(4) and oysters(5), marinates with cilantro, garlic, onion, salt and Lime juice - no hot pepper
Linguine with my own white clam(6) sauce.
Italian style broccoli with garlic, bread crumbs and my own red tomato sauce and baked.
Shrimp (again) and Lobster(7) tail scampi!
That was great fun.
The rest of the day I was tired.
One sad note is i needed to break off a newly formed email conversation with someone - I had some strange gut feeling and just needed to.
Being kind and generous does not mean you allow yourself to be taken advantage of.
Our current guest has become a part of the house, doing chores and helping out.
it help him (by making him feel useful) and us.
The service had one quote which stuck with me something attributed to St. Francis, "preach often, sometimes use words."
Whether you like how i am coming across or not, it is me you see, not someone else and what ever I do it is some how centered on what I believe.
I will not say I will always be correct, but I will be true to who I am.
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