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Monday, December 14, 2009

a sticky web.

i awake, with the tendrils of last nights dreams caressing my face,
sticking to my waking mind like spider webs caressing my face.
They are not unpleasant, but bring me to tears.
My kitty cat of 17 years was there,
talking to me ...
as only a cat may to those who are possessed by them.
"It is not time yet", he said,
"but soon, it will be".
In the dream, I tried to coax him back,
with pieces of fresh lobster, some kind of supreme treat, I guessed,
But he stayed away,
"Not yet, but soon."
"Be patient."
How of't I have heard these same words in my life.
for the finishing of my recovery, for the desire for a companion, for a change in location.
I woke not knowing if I should cry or rejoice.
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