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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still one more day to be thankful

Yea, I say it a lot.
That is because I am. I can be thankful for all of you who thoughtfully (or not so thoughtfully) comment on this blog. I have used you and the comments as a source of strength.
I have a group of very loyal and encouraging friends, with out them being in my life, i would not have made it through this year.
I think I added one more, making 8 very close friends who I can count on.
I am thankful for all of them and that is what is important.
I seem to be getting stronger, but am not "pushing it" and I am resting as much as possible.
This actually seems to be working.
The thing that surprises me is how much I have really relied on these people and how much they have given, whether they were able to or not.
Any way a big thank you to everyone, again.
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