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Friday, December 18, 2009

Today was a good day

i did not go in to work today, I went with David for his operation.
The operation, removing his appendix, which was stuck in a hernia, took 20 minutes.
It took longer to recover from the anesthesia, but he was home 5 hours after he went in.
He is doing well.
in the process, i discovered that with out the strain of work on my eyes, I was up doing things until 3 PM, that included some computer work, cooking and cleaning.
That says a lot.
For those of you who are ever interested in such things, John, who is my co-conspirator with this house and ever helpful with driving, tells me i make an awful alcoholic.
he should know, he is 33 years sober and still will not touch anything.
Why that story?
When I am down emotionally, I have zero desire to drink anything.
When i drink, it is to celebrate and to enjoy the taste, the alcohol is incidental.
Drinking to get drunk has never made sense to me.
So in this time of celebration, I may have a glass (or a half and leave the rest some where forgotten), but it will be in the spirit of celebration, which is what my life feels like it is turning into as of late.
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