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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Darkness crawls

I think i have gone a bit nuts as of late, all my thought come out as verse and metaphor...

Like a panther croaching, waiting fot its prey,
it stalks my mind and heart waiting.
No, no, it croaches on my heart,
keeping still its captive prey.
Torn and bleeding from things torn asunder,
my heart still cowers.
It was twice,
years apart it found joy,
another whose hearts
and souls
and bodies intertwined with its own.
They were lost,
not by some gentle breeze,
blowing 2 ships apart.
No they were torn asunder by that black cat of death.
Ripped from my grasp with nary a word to say
and no hope to recover.
That wound twice borne, lies deep.
They say it is better to love and lost thane never to have loved at all,
but is it?
Thee is no desire for some simple intermingling of bodies,
no the heart wants more and yet is fearful of that dark panther croaching and waiting on its door.
Freedom comes from a surprise.
Even the panther is taken a back.
For death came knocking and did not hold onto that heart
and even the panther slinks away.
The, no, MY heart still looks for that thing.
I still search,
but i WILL,
find it on some sunnier day.
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