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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today I feel Like I am in a Star Wars flick

No, I am not the empire, but I did strike back at the machines which were plaguing me Friday.
Since the machines realized they could not defeat me, they then brought down both the city's Microsoft exchange server and the servers which have my programs on them.
They shall not prevail!
I have methods to defeat them at all levels at home.
Beware machines, I am not done!

Yesterday I went after my paints and a picture that trilled me on Shooting my Universe.
I worker the picture too much and will need to start over, I actually think i need to try a style that I generally do not like, using unpainted paper (with water color, this is rare), but it felt right.
I will show it when I am done.

And as a reward, today i am cooking enchiladas.  For me a comfort food!
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