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Saturday, January 30, 2010

It is pouring out of me...

I know that pain,
I know that dark spot in your heart;
for I have one also.
I comes welling up out of nowhere
and engulfs me.
Its darkness blots out the stars,
but they still shine.
It covers the sun,
but it is still there.
For a moment,
in the torrent of the wave 
of pain that engulfs me,
I do not see them,
but they are there.

This place has blackness,
it has no faith
and it is hopeless.
It tells me I am nobody,
I am useless,
but not with a roar, but with a whisper.
The whispers are only lies,
its power was not in the words
but the wave of feeling that,
has now past.

tho am not with out faith
and I have hope.

And the blackness passes,
leaving me drenched in its form.
It is not part of me and it leaves quickly.

I tremble at its passage, but still I am standing.
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