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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It was a ruch of people and t h i n g s!
Hurry, hurry, get it done!
Push, push.
Not make work, but a scurry of motion and activity.
Confusion, chaos...
Rush, rush is the word and

There is no emergency, just take things as they come.
The information will go out.
The work will get done.
There is no hurry if you want things right.
There is if you want to hide.

We have met our Obligation, I hear.
It is not enough to me,
for curiosity did not kill the cat or me.
It made me stronger.
Do not look for more, I hear.
Fear for more to DO, I suppose.
I have much to do and I am not finished,
but I am not fearful for more.
I, I am still looking.
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