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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A short update

While my muse is very active, I think it is time for a simple update.
My shoulder, which I hurt a few times during falls, is only bruised, not torn or broken,
A few pain meds and some physical therapy will get me back.

There is real improvement in the doubleness of my vision and this is especially true in the mornings when I will spend as much as an hour without any glasses on ding "things".

Cooking, you ask?

Well, of course, daily.
My latest success was something known as Murg Makhani, or in English butter chicken.
I have some basic Indian cooking skills i learned from a close Indian friend and the recipe came off the internet.
Sadly, I spent all my real effort on the chicken dish, which came out wonderfully (but I did not add any real "heat" to it) and my "Dall" ended up a little bitter.  Mostly because I used my main cookware for the chicken and could not reduce the lentils to the oil enough.  Also adding extra spice after I added the lentils did not help.  Se la vie!
The muse will probably be present on this site again real soon.
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