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Friday, January 15, 2010

Rise of the Machines

Today was one of  THOSE days.
You know the kind, where nothing works out correctly.
In this case it was the machines I work with that were giving me trouble.
I should have suspected it, because last night suddenly something I had downloaded was not there in my suystem and the email had either been deleted by me or had simply disapeared.
Today, the new instrument refused to function giving me strange error codes.
I had done some work, but It should not have created a problem, or maybe not.
Then my beloved program, which has worked well for years on my work computer, needed a bit of VBA (visual basic code for applications) tweaking and then everything went haywire also.
That was a program I controlled and made do what I wanted.
My only question is...
Is there a skynet yet?????
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