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Monday, January 4, 2010

tidbits for the new year

The editor over here in goggle blog land gets weird at times and I kind of give up.
So here I am again because there are a few things going on.
My nerves which cntrol my right eye is becoming sporaticaly active.
That means if I close the left eye, everything in sight "swims" back and forth.
This is more than it has been and is probably a very good thing, but it makes me tired quicker.
With the snow (sunsiquent melt and freeze), I have had to be careful walking, never the less, I fell Saturday on black ice.  There are very few more helpless feelings than falling on black ice.
The funny thing about it is sometime in October I feel and hurt my shoulder, with the cold weather, it was hurting more.
After the fall, it hurt like the dickens for a moment then felt better.
That reminded me of One of the cop movies that I can not remember the name, where one of them has a trick shoulder.
Our Christmas guest has remain here and more permanant accomidations are going to be soon coming.
I have discovered a thread of thought that i am very fond of continuing through my life as i meet people who truely strugle (I struggle, but not to live or eat).
The thought has been when some one close does not have enought to eat, you make sure they do.
That was my thoughts in college (yes so long ago and idealistic, I guess i still am) when some one told me of a family who was their friend, who had not had meat for a month (not willingly) and i went and bought the biggest side of beef i could for them.This attitude has always been there, I like the attitude.
So while I figure this new dash boaed, while it lasts, from google, I will see you again soon.
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