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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have made mountain out of molehills
I have made molehills out of mountains.

It does seem strange how twisted this all is...
for the things I believed would be the most difficult
are not.
And those very simple things become,
well at best...

How very twisted!

The Tsunami did engulf me this week...
I did see it coming,
but it was not from where I expected,
that situation was a mere ripple, it worked out.

From other areas it came engulfing me,
little things of no consequences...
that left me breathless and angry...
and swallowed me up.

But I am here
and that is good.
Drenched, but still standing.
Breathing, but heavily because I thought my breath had run out.

Still, I am
________Smiling, I am.
___________________Surprising people and laughing,
I am.

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