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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Watch for tears

I don't normally put links on my posts, but I will amke an exception today.
A friend send me this U-tube video of an artist creating a story in pictures linked to a music production using a light box and sand.
I was impreseed.
Take a look and enjoy...

So in the meantime, between my own personal struggles and then finding I am am to better relate to others who have similar things happening to them, I took some one who was basically out of food for herself and 3 children.
They were embarrassed, did not want to ask for things, would not put staples that they had in the house in the cart and cried all the way home because...
It was a decision that my household and I made, even tho the person is my friend.
Because of my own needs, I understood everything they were going through.
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