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Friday, January 8, 2010



It started snowing last night and from what I here, it got mostly all of the East coast (save Florida???).
This snow was pretty, had mostly dissipated by 1 PM when I left work and it was warming up.
No more snow, but now comes the big freeze for the weekend, not something i am looking forward to.
The cold does effect my mood, making me feel more boxed in, not pleasant.
I keep on getting Emails from my Mom's conservative friend about the health care debates and I realized reading them, they don't get it.
The normal fear factor is there and there are statistics all over the place ( but you might know how I feel about statistics), but they miss the point.
The point is that many, many Americans do not have insurance or insurance.
People who have jobs (and are thankful at least they can work), but have health insurance that simply is rotten so they have to go into bankruptcy to deal with the bills.
People with "preexisting" conditions, who really are denied health insurance.
People who have jobs that do not provide health insurance.
If you get the drift, it is not about what the medical community can do, it is about the insurance which, doctor, the people who treat us, have complained about for years.
So it is about money and the fear factor about how the medical community will not give us the treatment we have been is fairly unfounded.
That is all from me on this.
I am fortunate, I have very good health insurance and I have been very well covered.
Not so many people are so lucky or fortunate.
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