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Saturday, January 9, 2010

An ode to love

I never considered myself a romantic, but this is my feeble attempt.

You came into my life, 
when your pain was still raw, 
your heart still hurting, sometimes uncontrollably. 
You hated your self for crying so easily and yet, 
I loved you for it, 
The softness of your heart, your soul. 
tho you were strong and proud. 
Maybe you had pity on me, 
you did not ask me to rescue you, 
You, you rescued me with your weakness. 
With all of your pain and trouble, 
you still reached out your hand and took mine, 
and showed love.
You say you are not nice and contest that you are not kind, 
but all you have ever shown to me was your kindness and 
you are always nice to me.
Thank you.

Many times,
i lie awake at night wondering,
could we more than we are?
Could we be the person we are ...
with each other?
For a couple compliments and
enhances the other.
They are not a perfect match,
but rather a work in progress...
For now you remain my friend only.
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