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Saturday, February 13, 2010

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As I work with the various things going on in my head and heart, these words keep running through my head:
Seek first the kingdom of heaven"...
I truthfully have heard these words many, many times before and I know I did not understand or even come close to comprehend them.
"and its righteousness"...
Only words of a song written by some one quoting words that were written thousands of years ago.
Some how it seems to make sense to me now, for as I want, it seems that those wants have changed.
"And it will be given to you"...
 The words are attributed to Jesus and fit with many other things He said,
"Ask and it will be given"...
"The meek are blessed" ...
My radical roommate would tell me these were words used to control the masses by the church.
but to me they are much more powerful for they spell peace for my soul, my spirit and i quest that more than any thing.
And I want, but not the beauty or the power of this world, but the kindness of and in people.
There are times i get to see it and it is these qualities that i pursue.

Yesterday was a day I had off, Lincoln's birthday, still celebrated by the municipal "slaves" I quip.
I enjoy that day because very few people have it off.
The temperature was above freezing (just barely) so it felt warm.
More importantly the roads were clear of snow (and most importantly, so were the sidewalks), so i took a walk,
I did errands, banking and browsed the mall and got a haircut.
I get cabin fever very bad and it really affects my attitude toward life, but yesterday was good and it broke that "fever".  It is nice to be versed in several languages because you overhear conversations when people are talking very loud in their own language and you are sitting near enough, but should not be able to understand them because you do not look like them.  In this case it was a lady I took to be Honduran (because of her speed and diction) talking about how much money was missing from her check - taxes and what not.  She works 2 jobs amounting to 67 hours and really does not take home that much, but she is paid $13.50 per hour for a weekend one.
I do not let on that I know, but she figured out that I knew and moved away.  The working poor are embarrassed to not have enough to live on.  It is a sad state of this country.
The lady how cuts my hair, has been doing it for years and also knows people i work with.  Not being a health professional, she can tell me thing about the person that i will never here from at my job.  I was worried about one mutual friend because that person had several issues that i knew about and had not been to work in many weeks.  Fortunately it was none of the things i knew about, but may end up being more tragic.
I called this a good day?
Maybe for me, but so many people are having so much trouble, I do not know.
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