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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

North Wind

A cold North wind is blowing.
It howls through the houses.
Last night the snow fell again,
covering everything in a blanket of white.
In THE City yesterday,
more good news;
From really bad tests in Sepatember,
The doubleness of my vision continues to improve.
While the doctor agrees that work is where i am worn down,
it no longer inhibits my progress.
The recovery delayed,
is now a work in progress.
I use what the lab has to do my eye exercises.
The circumstances of difficulty, to grow.
I still ask for help,
but I get no answers.
It angered me once and at times still does,
but I struggle through it now and do the best i can,
i can do no more than that.
The cold north wind blows strong today,
I sit by a warm fire.
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