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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still more fun at work...

Since the current health Director is leaving Friday, an interim one will be installed by the mayor until the final decision is made and a contract signed.
I am not one to beat around the bush nor do I seem to pull any punches.
I went up stair to the office of operation, to a person who the new mayor relies on heavily and told them who i thought would be good...
My boss, the Lab Director, told be today that the Current health Director will be showing the mayor around the department on Friday in the morning.  He discussed a name that came up in an abbreviated staff meeting and i told him what I had done.
He said "That's very bold of you."
In my head, I went huh?
I live in this town, I work in this town, I know the mayor and have no trouble opening my big mouth, about anything.
I really do not have anything to lose.
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