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Monday, March 15, 2010

More on the Storm

The howling winds buffeting the house,
lulled me to a deep sleep.
I awoke, not knowing hte hour,
but all was still.
As if we were in the eye of a mighty hurricane.
Later that is what it would be called.
The only sounds that came to my ear,
were that of some baby birds nestled safely under the eves of the house/
The absence of sound was strange,
for in the middle a town there is always sound,
but not tonight.
Then the rain came,
not as a soft opitter patter of drops,
but as if a bucket had been trown from the sky.
Spastic, not steady, it came
and then the winds,
but not as before.
With less velocity, but still strong.
In the morning I woke,
still not knowing the time.
The rain and wind had stopped
and doves were cooing oputside.
The sun would not shine today,
for the clouds were still thick.

There are still more pages to come!
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